Shall the Government or the KSRTC will get locked?

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Shall Government or KSRTC will get locked? The question is from the respected Kerala Finance Minister Shri.K.M.Maani.

Kerala Finance Minister  Shri.K.M.Maani told the press people that the kerala government will not give no more financial assistance than the two month 28 crore assistance. KSRTC itself has to plan and implement the profit making ways for future.

While thinking about the profit,  All the 3800 ordinary services making loss to KSRTC. All super class services were giving large profits to KSRTC. Converting these 3800 ordinary buses to super class services will give large profits to KSRTC and KSRTC can even lend money to the Kerala Finance minister for the State Government.

Think such a situation where no KSRTC ordinary buses then what will happen to the Government. What government will do to satisfy the public transport need? Shall the Government or the KSRTC then will get locked?

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