Kerala RTC introduced GPRS enabled Electronic Ticketing Machines.


The brand new GPRS enabled Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM) from the company QUANTUM AEON will start using by Kerala RTC from August. Trivandrum Central Depot was selected for the new ETM introduction from August 15 and the whole depots will expect to be covered within three months, Mr. Sreekumar, Manager Accounts, in-charge of EDPC, KSRTC told to the keralartcblog.


The new GPRS enabled ETM contains a GSM SIM card with 2G connection and  will send the ticket details, collection details, ETM technical details such as battery charge problems, keypad complaints if any to the Central Server at Head office in every seconds.     Number of passengers, number of vacant seats, location of the bus (ETM) through GOOGLE MAP and even speed of the bus also will send to the Central server.   Any authorized official can watch all the buses, all buses of a particular type (eg.ALL SUPER FAST buses) or single bus and its above mentioned details, from a internet browser on his desktop, laptop or mobile.


This ETM will accept passes and concession cards in smart card format ie. Conductor need not enter the pass details like number, type etc. Just swipe and ETM will take all the data and will check even the validity of pass within 3 seconds.

16 thoughts on “Kerala RTC introduced GPRS enabled Electronic Ticketing Machines.”

  1. I think, data transfer via 2G connection is very risky and may takes several minutes, 3G Connection is better than 2G Connection. And also, accurate vehicle tracking through GOOGLE MAP need more net speed to connect the server. Hence 3G give more speed for ETM
    As per the pictures on this blog are QuantumAeon Handheld Computer (Model No.QA14i2), it has inbuilt RFID contact less smart card reader, then Y use (SWIPE) magnetic tape card. Magnetic tape on the card may damage due to the usage (SWIPE). Instead of swipe use CONTACTLESS SMART CARD (Passengers would show the card to the ETM, instead of swipe).

  2. From the last year we are hearing this and at tsr dippo now more than half services going on ticket rack including fast services and in private sectors . and all unions are keep mum they are reacting only through wallpapers

  3. By the introduction of new ETM at TVM CENTRAL from Aug 15, there will be a lot old ETM Machines. Pls make a arrangrment to send it to for use in other depos

  4. I used dis ETM for a trail run in fast passenger TVM-KTM..its normaly like our microFx nd d thing is alittle more heavyer dn microfx…there is an small antina in d side of the machine so dat we cant hold it so easly…..

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